Nordbiochem Global
A Sustainable Replacement Biochemistry Solution

The challenge – “replacement chemistry”

  • Petrochemistry consumes 15-20% of world oil
  • Current yearly output of the Propylene-chemistry is 80 MN tons and a €100 BN market
  • Propylene-chemistry, the 2nd biggest chemistry sector, suffers a chronic shortage of fossil fuel based raw material (due to the direct competition with petrol from the same fraction of the oil cracking process)
  • NordBioChem’s replacements have a potential impact on at least 8MN tons, a €10 BN market


In essence, the Nordbiochem Global Solution represents:

  • a technologically proven breakthrough opportunity for the agricultural crop industries (eg sugar cane mills)
  • to reap strong incremental financial returns
  • through the alternative utilisation of their ‘non-food biomass waste’ as a ‘replacement, non-oil raw material’ (i.e. in place of increasingly costly and scarce, and significantly higher carbon footprint fossil fuels as the ‘traditional’ raw material)
  • for the highly cost-effective production of 'standardised commodity petrochemicals’ (such as Propylene Glycol, Propylene Oxide, Acrylic Acid, etc)
  • at approximately 40% lower production cost levels &
  • with an approximately 4 times smaller carbon footprint.

C3-Chemistry: Petrochemical versus NordbiochemistryTM

Markets for Nordbiochem Global

  • Chemical Industry: polymers, foams, adhesives, paintings, fuel additives, etc.
  • Cosmetics and Pharmacy: polymers, moistures, binders, etc.
  • Food and Feed Industry: moistures, fillers, fragrances, preservatives, etc.
  • Agriculture: preservatives, feed additives, etc.


Market value of selected products

Total marketsmillion t/ybillion €/y
1,2 PDO 2,4 3,4
POx 7,1 3,4
Acrylates 4,1 5,1
PLA 0,4 0,7

LA co-Polymers substitute Markets,
estimation to 2020

Demand of the Polymers

8,5 million t/y

Growth of the markets

4,7 % annually

Market size

14,5 billion €/y

Intellectual Property:

  • NordBioChem, established 2004, finances R&D activities, acts as applicant and owner of commercial rights.
  • Hired more than 100 contract scientist & developers
  • NordbiochemistryTM is protected by patents
  • The Nordbiochem Fermentation Technology has already been proven through a large scale pilot plant, and confirmed through independent secondary opinion by the Leibniz-Institute of Germany

NordBioChem’s patents (as of 2013):

Published Patents


Filed patent applications


Applications in preparation


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