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Fuelcor Proposes To Manufacture Oil By Converting Carbon Emissions From Power Generation And Industrial Sources: (CO2TL)

The Problem:

Meeting Future Energy Demands While Reducing Total Carbon Emissions
  • Demand for petroleum based fuel is strong and growing (e.g. transportation)
  • Conventional new oilfields are getting smaller and are increasingly expensive, difficult and environmentally dirty to exploit
  • Pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions creates additional economic uncertainty and strain on industry and consumers
The Solution:

Fuelcors Technology Enables Local Manufacturing Of Low Carbon, High Quality Liquid Transportation Fuels From Carbon Emissions
  • Aligns the interests of industry, environment, and government
    • Creates reliable, local 50 to 60 year fuel supplies, increasing energy and economic security
    • Turns carbon emissions from expensive waste into a revenue generating product
    • Motivates largest carbon emitters to participate in helping to solve global climate change
    • Creates domestic construction and highly skilled technical jobs
  • Patented highly energy efficient technology

Manufacturing of Liquid Fuels Will Dramatically Increase the Global Fuel Supply

One Fuelcor Plant Is The Equivalent Of Discovering A 200mm Barrel Oil Reserve

The First Plant Is Completed, Additional Plants Can Be Built With Decreased Risk

Fuelcors Carbon Dioxide Gas To Liquid Fuel (CO2TL) System

Baseline Economics Of Fuelcor Modular Scale Reference Plants Are Attractive and Based On Realistic Assumptions

  • Each Full Scale Plant Will Produce 3.5MM Million Barrels of Superior Quality Feedstock Sulfur And Particulate Free to Produce Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, etc., as well as 3.4 MM Tons of Industrial Grade, High Purity Oxygen per Year.
  • At $80/Barrel for Oil, Fuelcor plants will generate approximately $340MM in revenue today additional economic value from Carbon emissions utilization can be realized varies by country.
  • Fuelcor Plants have a design life of 60 Years to match existing nuclear plant operating life.
  • (One Fuelcor Plant is the Equivalent of Discovering a 200mm+ Barrel Oil Reserve). The economics over that period become increasingly attractive as all energy related prices/costs/taxes rise.
  • The main operational cost driver is ongoing electricity cost. Purchasing and operating a nuclear power plant enables control of electricity production cost of under 1 cent/kWh and significantly increases profitability.
  • With diffusion and economies of scale 5+ Fuelcor Plants), ROE can exceed 50%, especially as oil prices surpass $100/Barrel.
  • The Commercial Demonstration Facility Project Plan will develop comprehensive cost and economic information as part of the design project. The first phase will be used to developed leveled cost models for the life to the nuclear plants, Modular Scale Reference Plants, and electrolysis manufacturing and production.
  • McGill University

  • Hydro Quebec
    (Has Agreed to Provide
    Hydro Electric Power)

  • Government of Quebec

  • Ecole Polytechnique

  • Chiyoda (Proposed)

  • SNC Lavalin (Proposed)

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