BMES-H2 Cyanobacterial Energy Efficiency Enhancement Solution:
From Coal, Heavy Fuel Oil, LPG & Natural Gas

What is BMES-H2?

  • A liquid catalyst
  • Derived from sugar cane molasses + bacteria enzyme + fermentation
  • 99.67% liquid based
  • Not flammable – flashpoint of >88°C


  • To boost the efficiency of the feed stock (fossil fuel) by reacting with the fuel to release more energy

    Adding approximately 0.5% of BMES-H2 will boost efficiency by about 20% (coal)

  • Can be used with :
    Diesel, coal, Oil Sands, petrol, LNG, LPG
    Any feedstock with hydrocarbon (CnHm)

500ºC - pyrolytically disassociate hydrocarbon from fossil fuel

700ºC - splits long chain hydrocarbon chains (oxidising) into 2 or more short carbon bonds. Recombine to form carbon carbon double bonds = 2 x heat

≥ 900ºC - Hydrogen ions dissociate from water molecules to generate a much stronger ‘Heat Energy’

Product Composition

Estimated Savings for BMES-H2

Application of BMES-H2

Benefits of BMES-H2

Reduce emissions

Carbon Credits

Reduce Dependence On Fossil Fuel

Save On Cost Of Coal Purchase


  • Supplementary product
  • Benefits :
    • Eliminates need for additional O2 during combustion
    • Improve efficiency by reducing required BMES- H2 mix ratio
  • Must be mixed on site
  • Shelf life :
    • If package unopened, 3 years
    • If package opened, 6 months
    • If mixed with water, 7 days

Industries suitable for bmes

BMES-H2 Characteristics

S/No Test Item Unit Result
1Flash PointºC>88oC
2Viscosity at 50ºCcSt0.639
3Water contentwt%99.67
5pH value at 21.2ºC...3.42
6Heat of combustionKcal/kg<50

BMES Initial Trial Sites

Estimated Cost Savings: COAL

Estimated Costs Savings Based On 0.5%

S/NoDescriptionNo of tonnesUS$
1Estimated Cost of coal (per tonne)*$85.00
2No of tonnes a 500 MW plant will burn daily3,377
3Annual coal usage1,232,605$104,771,425.00
4Estimated Cost of BMES-H2 (per tonne)$650.00
5Estimated qty of BMES-H2 required (about 0.5%)6,163$4,005,966.25
6Annual coal and dollar savings of about 20%246,52$20,954,285.00
7Total savings (less cost of BMES-H2)$16,948,318.75

*Source : spot price for South Africa Thermal coal – 5 Nov 2013

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