Sustainable Industrial Technologies
Creating a Smart Synergistic 'GIFT' Ecosystem

Comprising Government, Industry, Finance & Technology stakeholders to develop and launch a highly select Portfolio of profitable, emerging, sustainable & globally game-changing clean industrial technologies




Why we Exist:

To Profitably re-invent our Industrial Relationship with the Planet, achieving Sustainable Win-Win between Man and the Earth.






How we Aim to Achieve This:

By Enabling Smart Synergy through the VIA GIFT Ecosystem:

Creating an Integrated, Inclusive Framework to accelerate the assembly and allocation of critical resources from across ALL the 4 Principal Global Stakeholders concerned, whilst simultaneously ensuring Alignment of their respective Key Objectives:



Meeting Energy, Food & Water Security needs whilst creating new employment opportunities for their citizens;



Facilitating cost-effective opportunities to reduce their taxable waste emissions, thereby adding to their bottom lines;



Providing new high-yielding sustainable economic growth sectors to invest in;



Facilitating Business and Finance support to lift emerging new sustainable clean technologies from off the shelves and into rapidly scalable, global commercial licensing and deployment status.


What we Do:

Global Partnership Approach:

VIA invests its business expertise and leverages its global investment networks in building Trust and Long-Term Aligned Partnerships with its Technologists and Associated Global Strategic Investors:

VIA’s Multinational Team of highly experienced and proven Strategic Business Management, Operational, Financial and Technological experts typically works as follows:

Stage 1: Pre-Selection of New Technologies

All VIA portfolio ventures are stringently pre-selected by the VIA Leadership Team according to the following qualifying criteria:

  • Disruptive & Sustainable
  • Cost-Effective & highly Profitable
  • Clear Technological Differentiation
  • Solid Documentation & IP Protection (typically with globally renowned and accomplished scientists and inventors behind them)
  • Strong Near and Longer Term market potentials and backed by sound business management resources;

Stage 2: Business & Financial Planning:

VIA assigns its Strategic Business Development Unit to work closely with the Scientists / Inventors to devise the requisite Global Business Plans, (typically incorporating the need to design and develop an Initial Proof of Concept Demo Facility), as well as the resulting, requisite Global Financial Investment Plans;

Stage 3: Acquisition of Global Licensing Rights:

If mutually agreeable, VIA enters into a fully-aligned Global Commercial Licensing Agreement with the IP Owners of the new technologies concerned, (where VIA directly takes on the Global Commercialization rights and responsibilities for such technologies);

Stage 4: Financial Structuring, Syndication & Procurement:

VIA establishes a Global Commercialization Special Purposes Subsidiary Vehicle under the VIA Platform umbrella, and assigns its Strategic Financial Structuring Unit to identify, engage and negotiate phased-funding Investment Partnerships into this Vehicle, (from small scale initial Proof of Concept funding, to Commercial Development Scale Facilities, and on to Industrial Reference Plant Design & Development phase funding), leveraging VIA’s global financial networks of associated entities, including both Public/Sovereign Funding entities as well as Private and Institutional Investment entities, at appropriate funding phases along the way;

Stage 5: Project Team Assembly:

VIA concurrently assigns its Global Operations Unit to assemble the requisite Operational & Project Teams, (both from within VIA as well as from external sources), including as may be necessary, the requisite identification and engagement of Project Managers, Global Engineering Procurement & Construction entities, etc to commence the Design & Construction of such requisite Proof of Concept / Demonstration Facilities, upon funding inflows generated at Stage 4;

Stage 6: Global Commercial Downstream Licensing to Industries:

Once the Commercial Proof of Concept efforts are concluded, VIA collates and registers the resultant Commercialization Plant Designs, and proceeds through its Global Business Licensing Unit to License the rights to such proven technologies to Industrial Licensees around the world.

2 VIA Portfolio Divisions

VIA Energy Division

Targeted Initial Solutions

Fuelcor Global

Highly efficient industrial scale carbon emissions conversion into crude oil / transportation grade liquid fuel



Generation IV Safe, Small Modular Pebble-‐bed Nuclear Reactors



Cyanobacterial Energy Efficiency Enhancement Solution: From Coal, Heavy Fuel Oil, LPG & Natural Gas


VIA Agri-biotech Division

Targeted Initial Solutions


Highly efficient Agri Bio-‐Mass waste based low CO2 and GHG emission production of high growth Lactic Acid based chemicals


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